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The Physical Therapy is a Physiotherapy Clinic based in Southampton (University of Southampton and Oxford Street) which specialises in both sports injuries and everyday injuries, with 10 years of experience treating runners, footballers, hockey players, rugby players, swimmers, office workers, gardeners, housewives, stressed executives and so on. We also specialise in sports massage and treat patients from Eastleigh, Chandler’s Ford, New Forest, Winchester and Romsey among others.Physiotherapy Southampton

We have worked in three different countries: rainy England, freezing Finland and hot Spain, which makes us have different points of view of every injury, disease or disability.

We are committed to providing the most personalized, integrated, and skilled physical therapy services to help you get back to work, return to your sport or simply go on holiday without pain.

Honesty is the most important principle for us. We are aware that physiotherapy is not always the answer, which is why we will provide you with an physiotherapy assessment to see if you really need physiotherapy treatment or if it is better to refer you to another health professional such as a podiatrist, chiropractor, general practitioner or even a sports coach.

We work with podiatrists and personal trainers because we believe in a holistic approach of any health problems.


Our Physiotherapy programmes

Our treatment programmes include:

  • Assessment.
  • Setting goals or, if appropriate, referral to another professional.
  • Treatment:
  • Education/prevention.
  • Maintenance.
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