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There is something that annoys me a lot. When people tell me that their health problem has not a solution and it is not possible to improve it either. When patients say that they were told that they have to live with it and forget about bothering looking for the answer to their problem. Grrrrrrr! I have seen and/or read a hundred stories of people recovering from conditions that were supposed to be incurable. What sense does life have if you are a conformist person? That is pretty sad. Patience and hope are the two words you should keep in mind. These words are the basics of your mental and physical well-being. It doesn´t sound scientific at all, but, in my opinion, it is the base of any treatment. You need to want to recover. You need to believe in it. I believe that you can have a very mild injury and being in pain for long time, just because of the way you approach things, the way your mind behaves in a specific situation. It is really easy to tell this when you are not in pain, but very difficult to carry out when you are in the painful situation. Please, remember this “everything is improvable”.

Have you ever heard: “I am not going to recover ever”, “I am despaired”, “it is easy for you, as you are healthy”, “everything happens to me”, “I don´t know what I did wrong in life to deserve this”. I do understand people saying these things, I have done it myself. Although, my question now is “are we going to change anything by moaning, complaining or being sad or despaired?” I know, I know, in some situations we can´t help, but feel like that. We make things very complicated sometimes and we only realise when it is over or something more important comes up. Why is that things have to happen to make us learn, to make us realise what really matters? A very good friend of mine told me not long ago “to be able to be happy, without having had any personal problems to teach us the lesson, is what we should called “wisdom””. Think about it, ” aren´t you happier when you realise how important health is?” , “don´t we complain about tiny things and we realise when we relativise?”

As I will write in another blog post “we health professionals know nothing”. There are many situations where you are not going to find the answer to your problem by visiting the health professional you thought to be the right one. There are many more things that you think that health professionals do not know if you compare with the things we know. Health is something uncertain. Sometimes, only time might be the healer. There is always a way to feel better. Sometimes, we need to be very patients, other times, we come across the solution straight away. Remember, there is always a path that leads to the improvement of your condition, even if sometimes we don´t see anything but shadows.

 As always, comments are welcome. Let me know if you agree or disagree with me.

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Photo: CC0 Public Domain from Pixabay.

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