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I am going to tell you something which some of you might have thought at some point, “we health professionals know nothing”. Yes, you heard well, we know nothing. Why is that when you go to the doctor, it doesn´t matter what you got from a tendinitis to a headache, that you are going to be advised to follow roughly the same treatment, pain killers and anti-inflammatories. This treatment doesn´t cure you, not at all. It might help to reduce symptoms (sometimes), but your healer usually is called “time”. What I mean by this is that that treatment not cure you, but your own body after some time. Obviously, the way we approach injuries or conditions is not always the right one. So, from now on, if we health professionals tell you that your problem hasn´t got a solution, ignore us. We are that thick that we think that if we don´t have the answer, there is not a solution. There is a solution,  but you might need to look somewhere else.

How many times have you got an injury and have been prescribed anti-inflammatories and/or pain killers with no changes in symptoms? More than three for sure. Sometimes, you think that the treatment worked, but you don´t even know if it actually did work.

I can tell you that I have lived the situation below many times:

Patient: “My doctor told me that I have a tendinitis?”

Me: “Did he prescribed any treatment to you?”

Patient: “Yes, anti-inflammatories”.

Me: “Did they work?”

Patient (2 possible answers): “I don´t know” (this is a “no” for me) or  “not really”.

Me: “What did you do then?”

Patient: “I went back to the doctor and he asked me to take stronger anti-inflammatories which name I can´t remember.”

We keep taking tablets even when they don´t seem to work, apparently the more and the stronger the better and yes, you can´t remember names of medicines because they are usually pretty weird. This is a question for you, reader: “Can you tell me the name of three different anti-inflammatories?” Don´t even think about it, you can´t.

You might be thinking that what sort of physiotherapist I am, talking this way about health professionals. Well, I am the type of physiotherapist that is a person before a physio.

“But I went to my physio and he fixed me”. That´s not quite true, your body healed itself and your physio helped your body to do so.

Am I telling you that health professionals are useless? Not at all. Actually, we are pretty useful to reduce your symptoms and to give you advice. I don´t say that we don´t know anything at all, just that what we know is just a tiny percentage compared to what we don´t know. How many diseases don´t have answer? How many injuries become chronic? It is not easy to find answers because it is very difficult to understand the way our body works.  There are theories that talk about the fact that almost every health problem has its origin in the brain and we don´t even understand how our brain works.

Summary: your body heals itself, health professionals have limited knowledge and tablets usually treat symptoms, not conditions.

*This article doesn´t intend to stop you from looking for medical advice when you get injured or present with any conditions. It is always recommended to be sure that you follow the correct path to get better and discard possible serious problems.

 As always, comments are welcome. Let me know if you agree or disagree with me.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on The Physical Therapy, Physiotherapy Clinic based in Southampton, and I will be happy to help you.

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