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This blog post is for all those physiotherapist who are eager to learn by interacting with other physiotherapists and other health professionals. Basically, I made all the strenuous work to save you time so you can spend more of it with your patients.

I will provide details and links of different discussion groups on the social network Linkedin. This way you can join them, learn and share knowledge. In these groups you will find a variety of discussions ranging from real cases and possible treatments to the way to find a physio job in different areas of the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, among other countries.

This post is a source of information that you will find very useful and open new ways of learning, which is the basis of our professional development.

To be part of the below-mentioned groups you need to have a profile on Linkedin and send a request to become a member of the group.  You will be automatically accepted in some groups and you need to wait for your request to be accepted for the group manager in other groups

Let´s start with the Linkedin groups


Physiopedia‘s mission is to bring you universal access to physiotherapy knowledge.

In this group you will find a lot of articles written by colleagues and always intended to help make Physiotherapy a better profession. Also, you can find answers to many of the questions that you might have in your head. Of course, all sorts of discussion about injuries, treatments and patients are more than welcome in this group.

To join this group you have to request to become a member and wait to be accepted after your request being reviewed by the group manager.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is a group that provides medical and scientific knowledge to prevent, manage and rehabilitate injuries related to sport or recreational activity. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well being of the athlete.

Also, this group talks about the interaction between physiotherapist, other health professionals, athlete and coaches.

To join this group you have to request to become a member and wait to be accepted after your request has been reviewed by the group manager. Due to the fact that this group is very popular, it has reached its maximum number of members allowed (20000), although you can always contact the group manager for more information.

Physios in Sport

Physios in Sport is a group created by the ACPSM (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sport and Exercise Medicine) and its aim is to share information with all physiotherapists interested in sport.

Here you can find information about treatments, courses, news and lots of physiotherapists who will be happy to help you to solve all doubts you might have regarding your patient´s injuries.

To join this group you have to click on the right-hand side button “join” to become a member straight away, you don’t need to wait to be accepted by the group manager.

Anatomy & Physiotherapy

Anatomy & Physiotherapy promotes evidenced based physiotherapy to physiotherapists, students and educational institutes. It encourages the intensive use of literature and life long learning.

To join this group you need to click on the button “join” to become a member straight away, you don’t need to wait to be accepted by the group manager.

Sports Performance & Physical Therapy Group

Sports Performance & Physical Therapy Group was created to develop a level of networking to assist in managing start-up to established elite-level trainers, coaches and therapists in sport-specific specialisations.

Also, it is a very good group to share knowledge, stories of rehab and overall general discussion.

One more time, to join this group you need to click on the button “join” to become a member straight away, you don’t need to wait to be accepted by the group manager.

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

American Physical Therapy Association represents more than 90,000 physical therapists en America, physical therapist assistants, and students of physical therapy nationwide. Its purpose is to improve the health and quality of life of individuals through the advancement of physical therapist practice.

This group intend to put all these people together to discuss about any matter related to patient care, so that we all learn from each other with the only aim of helping our patients to have a better rehab.

It says that request is needed, but the reality is that if you join the group by doing click on the right hand side button, at the top, you are automatically accepted (maybe it wasn’t set up right, so take advantage of this).

Pilates for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Pilates for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is a group for Pilates instructors who are physical therapists, chiropractors, or other health care professionals who use Pilates as part of their treatments.

Request is not needed, you can become a member straight away.

Other groups you might find interesting:

These are some of the most popular Physiotherapy groups you can find on Linkedin, although there are many more.

Note that these groups are to discuss and usually recruitment or other promotional announcements are not allowed, therefore will be deleted. Anyone who persists in posting these types of announcements will be blocked from the groups.

I hope you find this blog post helpful. Comments are more than welcome and, as always, you can also contact me on The Physical Therapy Southampton.

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