This agreement is between you (patient) and Jorge Rodriguez trading as The Physical Therapy. At The Physical Therapy our aim is to welcome you to the clinic with a view to getting you better and back to a healthier you.

Consent to treatment

All assessments and treatments will be performed by a qualified, registered and insured therapist who will practice within the defined scope of practice as per the relevant governing bodies in the United Kingdom. You must advise your therapist of any factor that may affect your treatment or diagnosis. Following examination, an explanation of the therapist’s opinion and proposed treatment will be provided. It is important that you fully understand the diagnosis, recommendations, procedures and treatment techniques that may be involved, as well as any likely effects. Your therapist should make every effort to ensure you do, but if you are in doubt, please ask for further information.

There are benefits and risks involved with physiotherapy. The physical response to treatment varies and cannot always be predicted as every individual is different.

With certain conditions, a degree of undress may be required and this will be explained at the time by the therapist. You are entitled to be accompanied during your treatment if you wish.

Your treatment will often involve you being taught rehabilitation exercises to do at home. If you are required to use any exercise equipment you will be advised how to do so safely and effectively. If you have any questions at any point throughout the course of your appointment, please do not hesitate to ask.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to refer patients for a further investigation (x-ray, ultrasound or MRI) or an onward consultation with a specialist. This will be done in the knowledge of your GP.

Private Health Insurance payments

We are a recognised provider by the major medical insurance companies. For patients with private medical insurance, we are able to claim direct from your insurer on your behalf, as long as you provide us the appropriate registration/membership number and a valid claim or authorization number where required prior to your initial assessment.

It is your responsibility to identify and follow your insurance company’s referral procedure. You may need to obtain a claim form and, if asked, obtain a letter of referral from your GP.
You must be aware of your level of cover and whether there is excess applicable to your policy. If you have excess you are required to pay this.

Your insurance company will be charged at a previously agreed rate with The Physical Therapy.

Fees and payment methods

For our current charges, please contact us by email ( or telephone (07577176757).

Payments must be done on the day of treatment. We accept cheques and cash in clinic. Alternatively, you can make a money transfer to our current account (email for further information). Receipts will be provided if necessary.

Non attendance and cancellation

If you do not attend an appointment or cancel your appointment within the 24 hours prior to the appointment time, the full charge for the appointment will be levied unless exceptional circumstance apply.

Access to medical records

The Physical Therapy agrees to supply photocopies of records to you or a third party subject to receipt of the request in writing with your full signature. There will be an administration charge for this service. We are registered under the Data Protection Act.

Discharge reports

As a matter of good practice your physiotherapist may send a discharge report to your general practitioner or consultant. Please inform your physiotherapist if you do not wish them to do this.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint please contact by telephone or in writing to our address.


The information provided on this website is intended as a guide to inform the reader of our services at The Physical therapy. You should not rely solely on the information provided here as the only source of self-management of an injury. We believe the information to be truthful but always recommend seeking professional advice on the best approach to management of individual injuries and for decisions on return to work, sport or other activities.

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